A wedding tradition steeped in symbolic meaning, fresh herbs are a beautiful addition to any wedding and also the cake.  Herbs bring centuries of tradition, loving sentiments for the bridal couple, and wonderful—some say therapeutic—fragrances to the wedding day. 


The stark white backdrop of the wedding cake is a perfect showcase for edible flowers and foliage. Small-leaved herbs and miniature rosebuds and carnations, sage tips, chamomile, or thyme work best. Short stems poked right into the frosting is stunning, or an arrangement of a small bouquet of herbs in a florist’s vial and push it directly into the cake.


I am a self-taught baker, cake designer, and owner of Olive Branch Cakes.  My love and talent for baking have evolved into creating and designing wedding cakes that are sweet in nature, familiar ingredients, and genuine in color.  Olive Branch cakes are made with natural fruits, herbs, and edible flowers many of which are homegrown.  Olive Branch wedding cakes celebrate nature’s sweet and savory.   


I  specialize in buttercream creations.  I’m sorry, no fondant cakes here.  Olive Branch cakes are covered with fresh buttercream and smooth ganaches instead.  My custom cakes are designed specifically for each bride and groom.   I sketch every wedding cake to illustrate your cake and bring it to life.




If you would like to schedule a tasting or have a question, fill out the information below and I will get back to you immediately or you can email me at Rebecca@OliveBranchCakes.com

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